The rise of patient-centered care has changed the game, making medicine a team effort, in which the physician collaborates with nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and other specialists. Most of all, physicians seek input from patients themselves. Especially in cancer care, collaboration become even more important. MemberCare platform is built to facilitate this collaboration among everyone involved in cancer care.

Oral chemotherapy and other expensive targeted therpies need patient adherence. In some places, pharmacies are fully integrated in the oncology practice. Due to these complex and expensive therapies, education and therapy assessment becomes more important. Since patient does come to clinics for IV chemotherapy, engaging patients via telemedicine all of a sudden becomes an attaractive propostion. Besides, in some bases patients may not be in a poistion to drive long distance and telemedicine becomes a handy solution.

The shift to value based care means changing the culture and using more produtive collaboritive solutions. We have built MemberCare for this exact need.

We are offering this beautiful cloud based solution free of cost to all the cancer clinics. Digitally transform your practice and engage the patients like never before. This includes education, adverse event reporting, telemedicine, transportation, financial counseling, pharmacy integration, oral oncolytics and much more. Contact us for more details.

Population Health

Unlike in the past, patient must be at the center of all the healthcare business processes. It is very important to have a clear patient engagement strategy. As evident from the deals mentioned earlier in this document, just the patient engagement asset itself is worth quite a bit. Without a doubt, our platform has one of the best patient engagement offerings in the industry. Our platform offers patient outreach, self-management, care management and data aggregation across all care settings. Powerful care plan eco-system will allow you to design appropriate care plans, assign them to high risk patients and track their progress in real time. Care managers can intervene on need basis.

Remote Monitoring

Today’s sensor technology is gaining in popularity among consumers, with research suggesting that by 2018 81.7 million adults in the U.S. will use some sort of wearable technology. From tracking fitness levels to monitoring blood glucose, consumer technology is literally putting the power of preventative medicine in the palm of a patient’s hand. Healthcare for so long has been about delivering care in traditional care settings, but over time the needs of patients have changed as new technology has been developed.

Experts agree that finding tools and solutions that empower an individual to contribute to the system — outside of the clinic — will play a major role in both keeping costs down and driving better outcomes. Leaders in chronic disease management can offer technology that senses, monitors and delivers solutions for patients both in and outside the clinic/hospital setting.

Medication Adherence

This alone is a $300B problem in the united states. Many companies are trying to solve this problem. We have come up with one of the most innovative solutions.

Proactively monitor the adherence by real time medication notifications and provide the tools to intervene as needed. Comprehensive MTM capabilities will empower pharmacists to have meaningful telemedicine sessions. This enables creation of plans to address the medication therapy problems.

It takes an integrated and very comprehensive solution to address this multi-billion-dollar problem. We need a solution which lets many actors such as pharmacists, providers, navigation staff and financial counselors collaborate effectively and easily. This solution should also have capabilities to educate the patients and communicate with them through all possible channels. Our platform is one of the few such platforms which offers all these services in a single place.

Our platform offers real time secure reminders, care plan capabilities, therapy assessments, education for patients and providers, MTM, medication reconciliation, telemedicine capability to consult with patients and patient assistance (to address financial toxicity)

Care Team

The rise of patient-centered care has changed the game, making medicine a team effort, in which the physician collaborates with nurses, social workers, navigators, financial counselors, nutritionists, and other specialists. Most of all, physicians seek input from patients themselves. This is especially true in cancer care, where the advances have never been greater. MemberCare platform allows all these actors collaborate and provide excellent patient care.

Oral Oncolytics

The oral oncolytics market grew significantly in recent years and now comprises about 25% of cancer medication therapies. That percentage is projected to increase, as the FDA approves 1 new oral oncolytic every 4 months. Unlike infused oncology regimens, which require the patient to travel to the physician’s office or infusion centers, oral therapies enable patients to take their treatment at home.

However, the added convenience also shifts more responsibility to patient, requiring compliance with specific instructions without the supervision of, or face-to-face interaction with providers. If patients do not take medications on time as prescribed, efficacy cannot be achieved and payers may not pay for these medications (assuming value-based, outcome-based contracts come to vogue). Pharma companies will invest in any technology solution which will improve the adherence.

Symptom Management

You need to effectively manage symptoms while patients are in the middle of cancer treatment. In many cases, you may have to intervene in real time when patients report adverse events. MemberCare platform provides the tools for patients to conveniently report symptoms and adverse events. Besides, care team will have option to setup real time notifications to intervene appropriately.

Tele Pharmacy

Deliver pharmaceutical products and care by the means of telecommunication to different patients. Patients can receive their medicines and other pharmaceutical care items in the comfort of where they can get the services easy. Many services given are patient counseling, drug therapy monitoring, and refill authorization for the prescribed drugs, monitoring or formulary compliance by the means of videoconferencing or teleconferencing and prior authorization of prescribed drugs. These services can be given at your retail pharmacy places or even through the nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Besides, in many pharmacies you cannot afford to employ a full time pharmacies, our telepharmacy solution can solve this problem.

Value Based Care

This change in healthcare is going to present a huge opportunity to emerging players who will take advantage of technology to address critical business problems. We built a cloud based and mobile enabled platform which will help all the major stakeholders in healthcare. In order to survive in this value-based world, systems have to gather and quantify lots of data from patients. Many of the existing solutions are not ready to handle such large amount of data. Our platform is built to handle multiple petabytes of data and be able to scale to a planet level.


In order to make proper clinical decisions, it will be helpful to have a complete picture of patients. Where else did they go for treatment, what was done there etc. With the advent of new technology this is lot closer to reality than ever before. MemberCare platform is leveraing these latest trends and making the patient data available easily.

Omni-Channel Comunication

In today’s time and age, digital interactions with patients leading the way. We should provide all possible means for patients to reach and interact with care team. In the world of value based care, what happens out the four walls of clinic/hospital matters most in determining the outcomes and cost of care.

Care Plan

Effective care plans, related actitivies combined with mobile technology can help patients to be adherent to the treatment plan. This will have a huge impact on the outcomes. Our platform lets providers design care plans for various disease states and assign them to patients. Patients will see their tasks on their mobile phone.


Application of telemedicine will be ubiquitous. In our platform telemedicine is an integral piece and will help engage patients via omni-channel approach. We are transforming the workflows to be 100% digital. Clinicians and non-clinicians can communicate with patients using video, phone, fax, text and chat without ever leaving our software. We will capture part of this telemedicine market opportunity in a very unique manner.

Imagine very sick cancer patients living in rural areas or patients with limited transportation options be able to access providers as if they are seeing them face-to-face. It is a game changer. For example, a Stage IV lung cancer patient can show their rashes during a video call and a nurse can take a picture of that and attach it to the patient’s records in one click of a button. If needed, while engaging the patient in this video call, nurse can look at the physician’s calendar and make an appointment. Our telemedicine experience is better than face-to-face visits in many respects. You have to see the demo of the product to believe it.


Having an option for patients and providers to access education material anytime, anywhere and on any device solves many critical problems. An educated patient has a better chance of adhering to therapies and improving outcomes. Many complex therapies are coming to market. Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers would love to have an efficient way to educate providers about their complex therapies. In our platform, we have a superb way of managing education content in all formats, HTML, Video and PDF. This material can be assigned to patients as well as providers very easily. We made the consumption of this content easy on any device, including iOS and Android smartphones.

Just imagine the following scenario, when a patient is diagnosed with cancer for the very first time, no matter how many words you use to explain what chemotherapy is and how to manage side effects, they will forget all of them very moment they leave your clinic. You need a platform which lets them consume this information whenever they want (more likely on their smartphones), share it with their family members.


Consumers expect convenience. Some patients may prefer to make payments on their mobile. Our platform has a built in secure payment option. You can notify patients when payment due.

Therapy Assessment

Very expensive and complex therapies are coming to market. Most of these therapies require a detailed periodic assessment. Each assessment is different and they can be pretty complex in nature. MemberCare platform provides all the required to tools to deploy and perform any complex assessments.


Inorder to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes for patients, Medication therapy management (MTM) services provided by health care providers, including pharmacists. MemberCare platform has first class support to perform all the MTM related activities.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are starting to change the landscape in a way we never thought of before. Applications of these technologies in Healthcare has a significant impact in certain areas. MemberCare platform is taking advantage of Machine Learning in the area of cancer care.

Mobile Enabled

Whether the patient is a young or old, it does not matter, all of them wants to do as much as possible on their smartphones. MemberCare platform believes in this philosophy. Both patients and providers can accomplish most of their tasks using our mobile applications. These applications are available for both iOS and Android. They can conveniently downloaded from respective app stores.


Patient reported outcomes provide valuable insights. We should make it easy for patients to report outcomes. MemberCare platform has one of the most advanced ePRO solutions.

Barrier Management

In some cases, outcomes and adherence may depend entirely on non-clinical factors. We should have an ability to identify and remove such barriers. MemberCare platform provide various tools to manage these barriers.

Cloud Based

MemberCare platform is built using latest and greatest cloud based technology. It is highly secure and available solution. It can scale to planet level, does not matter how many patients or providers are using this platform. You always get the best possible performance.


There are many scenarios where we have need to arrange for patient's transportation. We have realized such needs and made it convenient to arrange for rides using UBER. This is completely integrated into our MemberCare platform. By click of a button, you can arrange for a ride.

Patient Assistance

Certain therapies and associated drugs are expensive. Patients may need financial assistance from manufacturers. This process involves collecting lot of patient's information and work with manufacturers. We have made it easy for the financial counselors to go through this process.



Shanthu Kere has BS degree in electrical engineering and MS in computer science. In his career, he has worked for some large organizations and startups as well. During last 10+ years he is mainly focused on medical oncology related work. Based on his good understanding of problems related to medical oncology and drug distribution, he was able to build two software products. One of them was acquired by AmerisourceBergen , a fortune 500 company. Second product, a comprehensive medical oncology clinical platform, was acquired by Florida based company Integra Connect .


Meghann Chilcott is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 21 years of success in the healthcare, retail, pharmaceut ica ls, technology industries. Meghann Chilcott currently is the Chief Technology and Marketing Officer at Benzer Pharmacy , an independent pharmacy chain in the United States with more than eighty stores and thirty franchise locations. She recently served as Senior Vice President of OrderInsite , a retail pharmacy drug forecasting service, overseeing sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships. She previously served as Vice President of IT Innovation and VP of Pharmacy Systems for Freds , in Memphis, Tennessee. Mrs. Chilcott is currently completing a Masters in Biomedical Informatics at Nova Southeastern University College of Medicine . S he holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. She is a member of Forbes Technology Council and regularly writes healthcare technology articles on Forbes. In addition, she is co host of Pharmacy Podcas t Networks FutureDose.Tech , which discusses pharmacy technology.


George Zorich has been in pharmaceutical fields for over 30 years, including Big Pharma, Biotech, Generics, Distribution companies and Start ups the last 15 years of his career were focused on building up and selling companies while CEO or president, oftentim es working with private equity to develop the best exit strategy for each company. Most recently, Mr. Zorich was CEO of Agilis Biotherapeutics, a company focused on developing a cure for Friedreich’s ataxia using DNA based therapies. Prior to that Mr. Zorich was president of Bioniche Pharmaceuticals , a manufacturer of branded and generic injectable products, leading to the sale to Mylan Pharmaceuticals for $550MM in late 2010. Before that, Mr. Zorich was president of Sabex USA leading to its sale to Sandoz for $480MM in 2004, where he then headed up the Sandoz US injectable business. Before that, he was president of GIV, which at that time was the largest distributor of vaccines to physician offices, leading to th e s ale to Henry Schein, the multibillion dollar distributor. Mr. Zorich has also held executive positions at Fujisawa (now Astellas), Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Roxane Laboratories and Eli Lilly and Company.

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